Tuesday, March 27, 2001

This is unbelievable...well, not really, I guess it fits. Bobby Knight claims in this article that he was never "out of control" in his 29 years at Indiana. He says in regard to the infamous chair-throwing incident at Indiana (at a Purdue player, I might add!):

"I didn't hit anybody with that chair,'' he said. ``If I didn't know where that chair was going, it would have hit somebody.''

So if I get angry and frustrated while waiting to get my license plates renewed at the DMV, I can whip out a gun and shoot up the place -- as long as I don't hit anybody, I'm not out of control. Countless other coaches have been able to get phenomenal results out of their players and have done so while keeping their integrity and dignity (not to mention the chairs behind the bench) intact. Knight is blind and callous towards his previous behavior, and is unable and unwilling to admit that he was wrong, and that he has a problem. In short he has a seared conscience.

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