Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Here's some of the best analysis I've seen on the recent news that fat cells can be used to grow stem cells (or something like that):

The best news was the front-page story on how human fat cells can be transformed into muscle cells and other kinds of useful cells. Researchers found that greasy, yellow gobs of fat extracted during liposuction could be turned into healthy, productive cartilage, muscle and bone...If I understand this correctly, it means: The fatter you are, the more you can serve your fellow man. Well, I got a 39 waist. I got fat up the gazoo. You're looking at Albert Freakin' Schweitzer here. I could get the Nobel Prize in Liposuction. Plug in the hose and Hoover me, baby.

Here's the rest of this intellectually stimulating column by Tony Kornheiser.

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