Friday, April 13, 2001

I need to start taping the Bible study I do with urban teenagers. They're largely ignorant of the Biblical stories, not to mention barely literate in some cases. I have been fascinated and gratefully overwhelmed at the degree to which God's Spirit has captured these teens as we read and study the scriptures. It's a humbling pleasure to see them grapple with the living and active word.

Another thing that makes these Bible studies so enjoyable is that these teens have no fear of asking any question whatsoever, no matter how outlandish it might be or how stupid it might make them look. Their comments are honest and fresh and sometimes incredibly insightful. The best quote from this week's Bible study came after we finished reading Luke 22:47-25:12. The kids were riveted and they hung on every word as we read together as if they'd never heard the story (and I fear that they might not have). As I came to the end of Luke 25:12 and started to add some explanation about the meaning, purpose, and result of Christ's death and resurrection, one of the guys blurted out, "Where's the bunny?" He was dead serious and looked at me with a puzzled look. For about three seconds I looked back at him equally puzzled because I didn't know what he was asking. He was asking about the EASTER bunny of course.

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