Thursday, May 10, 2001

After a self-imposed 2 year moratorium on the issue of ordination of church officers who are professing homosexuals, the PC(USA) is set to take up a number of overtures that will bear on the issue. I read a brief summary of a couple of the overtures, and one of them caught my attention as a pretty good strategy -- offer the more liberal congregations "early retirement." This would allow the liberals to leave in maybe the only way they would leave....with assets. Here's the summary I saw in the Christian Observer:

One of the overtures carried over from Beaver-Butler Presbytery would set in motion constitutional changes to allow churches that cannot or will not comply with G-6.0106b to leave the PC(USA) and take their property with them. Currently, all property is held "in trust" by local churches but is owned by the denomination.

The downside? The denomination gives ground and loses some historic buidlings and property. The upside? The denomination's core, which is much more conservative and evangelical than denominational stances would lead one to believe, could clear out some of the "dead wood", draw up a more evangelical agenda, and stop spending energy on fighting battles with the radically libleral fringe groups within the denomination. If they'll go for it, I say, let 'em take the property and good riddance to them. PC(USA) it's time to cut your losses and move on.

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