Friday, June 01, 2001

OK, I'll admit it. I'm a geek. While I was packing my suitcase in Phoenix yesterday, I had ESPN on because they were broadcasting...the National Spelling Bee. I won the spelling bee at James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School (that's right, home of the POETS) when I was in sixth grade. I went on to the county and then the state bees, but I did not advance to the National Bee...I'm still suffering from the sting of that awful elimination, not unlike a poor youngster might experience during a dodgeball game;-)

I still enjoy words and word games like Scrabble & Boggle. So I was trying to "spell along at home" while I watched, which was okay on words like: shibboleth, hyssop, atticism, phrygian and even inesculent. However, there were a number of words that I wouldn't have had a shot at including the winning word which was

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