Sunday, August 26, 2001

That Brees kid has got a knack for winning! For the second straight week he engineered a comeback to put the Chargers in overtime. And last night, he drove them 75 yards in overtime to set up the game winning field goal. He seems to be adjusting quite well to the NFL.

A comparison of starter Doug Flutie's numbers with the newcomer Brees...

Doug Flutie: 14-23 for 132 yards; 0 INT's, 0 TD's
Drew Brees: 18-28 for 175 yards; 0 INT's, 1 TD

Stats don't tell the whole story, of course. Brees did turn the ball over once on a fumble after scrambling out of the pocket & he had an intentional grounding called against him on a typical rookie mistake. On the other hand, Drew looked invincible as he confidently and commandingly led the offense to score on their final two drives of the game. All in all, Flutie, who almost didn't play because of a hip flexor strain, did look a little sharper than Brees, but Cool Brees has a bright future in the NFL.

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