Saturday, August 11, 2001

This summer has been a very busy one with all of the responsibilities that I've had with the summer programming at Sunshine Ministries, which has included a lot of time away from home. Additionally I spent a lot of time studying for and, by God's grace, passing all of my ordination exams. This, too, however, meant more time away from my precious family.

I have not drawn all of the boundaries in the right places with regards to how I use my time -- working, studying, personal time, etc. At times I've neglected my family, and my wife particularly. Though my wife has suffered because of this, she is a good and faithful woman, who is constantly growing in beauty. She remains committed to me. We are seeking to rekindle our marriage, and reestablish our family life. Please pray for us as we seek God's grace and good providence.

Why am I typing all of this in my blog? Well, it's not because my blog is a diary-blog, it certainly isn't. It's because the frequency of my blogging has been dropping off over the last six weeks or so, and will probably remain at about the same level of frequency or will at least be characterized more by spurts than by daily posts. I know I'm not writing to hundreds of readers here, not even dozens, but I write this because I do appreciate many of your blogs, and I hope you benefit from mine. I appreciate you dropping by to read and follow intriguing links, etc. So don't think hotdogblog has died if I haven't posted for awhile, just drop in occasionally to see what has been added. And remember that if there's a long dry spell on hotdogblog that there's a good chance that there's not a corresponding dry spell in my family life -- but that I'm seeking to rekindle and rebuild my marriage and family.

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