Tuesday, November 06, 2001

For the past eight weeks I have been leading a twice a week class on the Pentateuch for the men in our long term resident program. Today as I was teaching through the life of Joseph in Genesis 39-41, I paused to comment on Joseph's refusal to give in to sexual temptation from Potiphar's wife. As I made application to our lives and continued for several minutes to press the issues of lust and sexual immorality I got a few scattered "Amens" and several head nods, but it wasn't until one of the guys said to the rest of the room, "If you can't say Amen, say ouch," that I really heard a response. That comment drew "Amens" and "ouches" and much needed chuckles from around the room.

It was great for us all to have a good laugh together though we were in the midst of discussing a very serious and salient issue for every one of us. I have really come to love the guys that I'm working with. I admire their courage, and their brokenness and humility is a constant example to me. One of the indications that we're drawing closer as a group and building some significant relationships is that we can all share in vulnerable laughter like that together. In our laughter we were saying to one another -- "I'm right there with you...I'm no better than you, I struggle just like you do, and I'm trusting the Lord, clinging to his mercy, and battling these temptations everyday...just like you."

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