Monday, November 05, 2001

I honestly wasn't expecting Purdue to win when they went to Michigan a few weeks ago -- but I did think we'd come away from our game with Illinois with a W -- boy was I wrong!! I haven't been that frustrated during a Purdue Football game in a long time. It's almost inconceivable that a team could force five turnovers and still lose the game, although when your team's leading rusher is a linebacker who picked up all of this rushing yardage on one fake punt that's a hint that maybe the offense is basically non-existent.

In an instance of bitter irony for Purdue fans, Drew Brees -- Mr. Everything at Purdue over the past four years, got his first opportunity at QB taking over for the Chargers when Doug Flutie was sidelined with a concussion. Though the Chargers lost the game, Brees rallied the Chargers from being down 19-0 to leading 20-19, before Kansas City drove late in the game to score the winning touchdown. It would have been nice to have borrowed Mr. Brees for just one quarter of football on Saturday. We miss you Drew!

Not to say that Brandon Hance has failed to perform, I've been fairly pleased with his play this fall, but he ain't no Brees.

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