Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Check out Chuck Colson's sketch of 67 year old, black-patch-over-one-eye, nun from hell -- Sister Connie. We, too, run a pretty tight and tough ship. And tough, costly love is definitely what has to be exercised, given our context, if we wish to be engaged in faithful Christian ministry. Many volunteers feel "in their gut" that an approach like this is devoid of compassion and gentleness and the like...they just want to love on the poor inner city kids -- who by the way are often very cute. It's no different when dealing with our shelter guests...people are convinced that these guys just need a break and need a support network and it will all turn around. This is actually less compassionate to give many of these folks another handout, even if it's a handout of love and compassion. Handouts are a huge part of the problem and are less than Christian in most cases.

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