Thursday, December 27, 2001

I love wassail around Christmas time and have been making wassail every Christmas for the last 5-6 years at least. (I also love egg nog, which, as it turns out is a descendant of wassail.) Last Christmas I made an authentic wassail that was different from what I usually make, but still rather interesting.

While searching for different wassail recipes on the web today, I found this unbelievable wassail page. It hails itself as The Web's Wassail Epicenter and after a brief surf around this page, I would not refute that claim. When you pull up the page it automatically breaks into "Here We Go A-Wassailing" which plays over and over until you leave the page. By the way the site has a special section on Wassail songs and, lo and behold, they list close to 50 different wassail songs. In their section about the drink itself, they include recipes that if printed out would come to 20 pages. These recipes range from "authentic" dating from the 17th & 18th centuries all the way up to wassail "jello shooters". Since I was just ordained in October, I thought that it would be appropriate, if not absolutely required, that I make the last recipe listed on their recipe page -- "The Pastor's Wassail"! I'll have to report back to you on how it is. It looks a little strange, in that there are on apples called for, nor apple juice or cider.

Off I go a wassailing...

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