Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Leinenkugel's has now posted their Holiday Edition of their newsletter, The Legend, which announces the return of one of my favorite beers, Big Butt, which is...

"a very rich, malty tasting, very full-bodied beer. It’s very dark in color; there’s a lot of mass to it. To some people, it’s the best beer we’ve ever made.” Buhrow said that Leinie’s Big Butt Doppelbock is the brewery’s own recipe for a Germanic-style strong bock beer.

I didn't link directly to the newsletter, because you must begin at their start page and log in your birth date (to guard against underage browsing I guess). Anyway, follow the links to Newsletter, then under 2001 click Holiday Edition to download the newsletter. You'll find the article on page 4 of the newsletter, and of course, you must have Adobe Acrobat to access their newsletter.

Feel free to shower me with cases of Big Butt as well as Big Butt hats, T-shirts, and other Big Butt items for Christmas.

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