Friday, January 25, 2002

A delightful article on Stanley Hauerwas begins this way:

Then Hauerwas, the divinity school's cantankerous star professor, was asked about the events of Sept. 11.

In trademark fashion, he shot back with a theological one-liner.

"People say Sept. 11 changed the world," said Hauerwas, in his nasal Texas twang. "That is false. Thirty-three A.D. forever changed the world."

Hauerwas says much that makes me want to jump up like a Pentecostal and shout, "AMEN!" He also gets a few things wrong in my estimation (that doesn't make him all that unique does it?). No matter, he's worth reading, he almost always stirs the pot in a way that spurs me on to fruitful thinking on one thing or another. Thanks to Jim for the link.

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