Thursday, February 14, 2002

I don't watch MTV (in fact all of our television viewing is courtesy of the rabbit ears on top of our TV), but apparently they air a reality show called Flipped in which they flip a person's regular life for a day, without that person's prior knowledge.

On an upcoming show Kariem Amos, program director at the Harambee Christian Family Center, will be featured along with Michael, a young man on the periphery of the skinheads. Harambee is a Christian ministry serving mainly African-American and Latino residents in a very rough neighborhood in the Pasadena area.

Michael, who is contemplating becoming a full-fledged "skin", spends the whole day with Kariem in and around the Harambee Center. I won't spoil it for you, instead I'll point you to Harambee's blog where you can check out the two posts for Monday February 11th to see what happened and to read some of Kariem's thoughts about his day spent with Michael.

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