Thursday, February 14, 2002

In an attempt to get in shape I've decided that I'm going to run a race. No...I DID NOT say a marathon, I said a RACE. I'm currently training to run the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run, which is a 5 miler. I've never run more than three miles in my life -- though I've done that several dozen times.

If I finish this race alive and uninjured, I'm hoping to move up to a 10K (little over six miles) and then MAYBE a half marathon (13 miles). Let's see how the five miler goes first.

The race is a little over four weeks away, and I just started training on Sunday night (2/10). Here's the training schedule that I'm more or less following. It's a 10 week schedule that prepares one for a 10K, which is the closest training schedule offered on the website. And, yes I jumped in at the 5 week point, although I had been doing a little running prior to that. I'll try to post an update if anything interesting happens, at the very least I hope to post after March 16th that I successfully completed the race.

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