Thursday, March 07, 2002

Here's a great little article about Gary Letteron, who is attacking South West Baltimore (SoWeBo) with trees! He's declared war on vacant lots and treeless spans of sidewalk. He's not a government official who is commandeering public funds to plant trees, but is a private citizen who is doing this often at his own expense, because he believes it's right. From the article:

His kindness, sweat and ability to get others to help him are responsible for more than 100 new trees in the past year, and a half-dozen Hollins area parks -- including a small peach orchard -- sprouting from formerly trashed lots.

Though I don't know that Gary is a believer, he sets a good example for what I think should be an important part of any biblical urban ministry -- beautifying the often desolate and blighted landscape of the inner city. For example, the work of the great Scottish minister Thomas Chalmers in the poorest section of Glasgow in the 19th century included a program to proliferate window boxes full of flowers to beautify both the look and the aroma of the city.

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