Thursday, March 07, 2002

I'm guessing that I'm kind of late to the game on this one, but in case some of you are not (as I was not) aware of some helpful web resources, let me pass them along to you. Two journals that have significant archived issues online for your perusal are Touchstone and Theology Today. Both journals will contain articles of varied quality and usefulness (IMHO), but there is quite a bit that is helpful and thought provoking in both journals.

Touchstone's archives contain
issues from 1999-2001 (Vols 12-14). Each issue has selected articles available for reading (except for Volume 12 which has all of the contents each issue available, excepting the last issue of that year).

Theology Today's archives contain all of the issues from 1958-1994 (Vols. 15-50). Although I didn't check every single issue, it appears that the entire contents of every issue in that range are available for reading online (inlcuding book reviews).

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