Friday, March 22, 2002

Stewart Mandel in his column at CNNSI lauds IU coach Mike Davis for the tremendous job he's done at Indiana, most recently demonstrated by IU's surprising upset of the Duke Blue Devils. As a Purdue fan, I've realized that much of my dislike of intrastate rival Indiana was concentrated on Bobby Knight, it isn't as fun to hate Indiana now that Knight's gone. In fact, I'm actually happy that Mike Davis is in the elite eight while Bobby Knight got knocked off in the first round (AGAIN!) by unheralded Southern Illinois University, coached by ex-Purdue assistant, Bruce Weber. Anyway, Mandel is tired of hearing how Davis is just riding on the success of the Indiana program that Knight built, and thereby dismissing Davis' ability as a coach. Even Duke's Coach Krzyzewski kind of dissed Davis in the pregame press conference by piling up praise for Knight. In the face of all that Mandel says it better than I could have to all the "Knight whiners":

Get yourself to Wal-Mart, buy a black sweater, put your home on the market and move to frickin' Lubbock, Texas. Because it's been 15 years since Bob Knight accomplished anything on IU's behalf even remotely approaching the magnitude of what Davis did Thursday night.

I just love a well-turned phrase...especially at the expense of Bobby Knight.

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