Saturday, March 16, 2002

Well...I finished the race!! You may have noticed that I haven't posted about my workouts for a couple of weeks. That's because I didn't get out to run at all over the last couple of weeks. I was playing basketball twice a week, so that kept the legs & lungs somewhat in shape, but I hadn't gotten out to run.

Anyway, after loading up on pasta (carbs) last night with some friends. I woke up early this morning, did some stretching and then headed downtown. The weather was clear, but the temp was around 35 degrees...a little colder than I had expected. There were 6,000 runners competing, I ran in the non-competitive category. I felt pretty good most of the race with the exception of a mild diaphragm cramp from about the 2.25 mile mark to the 4 mile mark, when, thankfully, it went away. I really thought that the last mile would be easy, because I would be mentally tough enough to overcome whatever fatigue I was feeling, but that last mile was quite grueling. I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

Here's how my race timed out:

1st mile - 9:25
2nd mile - 18:10 (8:45)
3rd mile - 27:07 (8:57)
4th mile - 36:00 (8:53)
5th mile - 44:58 (8:58)

I would have never guessed that my first mile would have been my slowest, but there were so many people that the first 1 to 1.5 miles was just trying to find a space to run without bumping in to someone.

This was the farthest I've ever run in my entire life. I guess a 10K is next...if I decide to continue to up the distance. A 10K seems difficult -- but possible, a half marathon (13 miles) seems completely out of reach.

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