Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I'm in the middle of listening to Rev. Jeffrey Meyers' lectures from the 1992 Biblical Horizons Conference (for taped copies of the lecture follow the link and scroll down to the Conference Tapes section) . He lectured on the Mercersburg Movement, named for the school at which John Nevin & Philip Schaff taught. There are many fascinating things in these lectures that I could blog about, but for now, chew on the following -- it is the Ninth thesis from Philip Schaff's The Principle of Protestantism :

The relation of the church to the world--with it's different spheres of science, art, government, social life--is neither one of destruction on her part, nor one of indifference. But the object of it is that she should transfuse the world with the purifying power of her own divine life and thus bring it at last to it's true and proper function.

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