Monday, April 08, 2002

I've been a very baaad blogger -- 16 days without a post -- but I'm back and I hope to blog a little more frequently.

One of the books that I'm reading right now (ignore for now that list of books in the's several months old) is the new Teddy Roosevelt biography from Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex. Somehow I stumbled onto a Presidential Voice Library on the web and found a short section of a Roosevelt "trustbusting" speech there available in RealAudio & MP3 formats. I knew Teddy's voice was not particularly deep, but it's so much different than I imagined it. Based on both his physical appearance and his rough outdoorsman lifestyle, I expected a rugged, gravelly voice, instead I found his voice to be refined and his pronunciation delicate -- especially his T's and P's which are not forcefully expelled, and could almost pass for D's and B's respectively.

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