Thursday, May 23, 2002

I love peanuts and especially peanut butter. About a year ago I read a short little biography of George Washington Carver, who used peanuts to make over 300 products, from peanut butter to make-up made from peanuts to milk made from peanuts.

It's likely that the Incas were the original inventers of the first peanut butter, though I'm guessing it wasn't exactly Jiff. Carver then invented peanut butter around 1880, but did not patent it because he believed that all food products were a gift from God. Here's more about the development of peanut butter, if you're interested.

One of my favorite uses for peanut butter is on hamburgers -- I acquired this taste at Purdue University, where a little greasy spoon called Triple XXX (no, not that kind of XXX) served the Duane Purvis burger...lettuce, tomato, onion ketchup mustard & peanut butter. Most everyone makes a face when they hear this combo, but I've honestly never had anyone who tried it who didn't admit that it wasn't too bad. My kids are starting to eat peanut butter on their hamburgers...the tradition lives on.

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