Friday, May 24, 2002

I love Roberto Rivera's articles. He consistently churns out good material that displays the fruit of mature Christian reflection. His writing is very accessible, even when tackling somewhat complex subjects, and his witty sense of humor always finds a way into his articles. Below is a quote from his article Gods & Peanuts that he wrote for Breakpoint urging Christians to remember that science, too, can be an idol:

In other words, if Steinhardt and Turok's theory gains acceptance, you can expect a representative named Apu from the Nahasapeemapetilon Institute for the Defence of Hindu Worldview & Cricket Proliferation (Motto: Visualize Wicket Maidens) to cite their theories as a quasi-vindication of Hindu worldview, especially in fundraising letters.

Later in pointing out how quickly the "scientific consensus" can be abandoned and/or refashioned in light of new "evidence" he says (in regard to hypotheses attempting to explain homonid bi-pedalism):

What's even more interesting is the physical evidence upon which this, if you'll forgive my language, paradigm shift has occurred: a collection of bones that could comfortably fit inside your cupped hands, or at least Shaq's. The best evidence for bi-pedalism is the hip bone, but no such bone has ever been found for Orrorin. It's been inferred from CAT scans of the femur. In other words, it doesn't take much to rewrite conventional scientific wisdom.

He concludes with words that we would do well to pay heed to:

But as Thomas [Aquinas] would tell us, reason can only tell us that there is an intelligent designer. It's grace and revelation that prompt us to worship Him in the manner that Christians do. And we do well to remember that reason isn't synonymous with the state of scientific knowledge at any given moment. On the contrary, much of what of what is called "scientific fact" resembles what Thomas would've called "probable" or "sophistic" arguments (rationes probabiles vel sophisticae).

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