Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Seems as though everyone has linked to this article already, but in case you haven't seen this go read this NY Times story, Megachurches as Minitowns. Some of the stuff in this article (the Greenlee Communion Dispensing Machine, the Jonah and the Whale laser show which will be shown at the Community Church of Joy's Olympic-size aquatic center) was enough to make me check my URL to make sure I wasn't reading something from The Onion. Sane evaluations of these megachurches are offered by Drs. Scott Thumma (author of the towering Thumma Seologica -- I couldn't resist) & Wade Clark Roof:

But some scholars and municipalities are troubled by the civic expansion of 24/7 churches. They are becoming "a parallel universe that's Christianized," in the words of Dr. Scott Thumma, a sociologist of religion at the Hartford Institute.

Dr. Wade Clark Roof, a professor of religion and society at the University of California at Santa Barbara, said he worried that full-service churches are "the religious version of the gated community."

"It's an attempt to create a world where you're dealing with like-minded people," he said. "You lose the dialogue with the larger culture."

Suffice it to say that these Megachurches are going in the Megawrong direction...and unfortunately are leading thousands of other churches and church leaders down the same path.

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