Friday, June 21, 2002

As soon as I walk into the humid goat shed in my Tyvex suit and sterilized boots, a dozen Nubians run up to the fence and begin sniffing at me, their Roman noses dilated with fervent curiosity. ''They're a little frisky,'' a technician explains, shooing them back toward their playpen toys. ''It's artificial insemination time, you know.''

So begins a fascinating article on transgenics. Through genetic manipulation, goats, for instance, will be spinning silk along with giving milk. Not just as sideshow spider goats, though -- firms like Nexia Biotechnologies plan to use goat silk to produce stronger fishing lines, strings for tennis rackets, maybe even body armor, as in a vest that would only be slightly thicker than nylon, but would stop a bullet. Free registration is required to access the NY Times site.

Link via Breakpoint's Elsewhere on the Web by Kim Robbins

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