Wednesday, June 12, 2002

At the wedding feast in Cana, Jesus took 180 gallons of water and turned them into wine. So it seems a little strange and curious that if he did this on Church of Scotland premises today, he would be asked to take it outside.

This quote from Rev. Alan Sorenson is lifted from an article about the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland's dealing with a 1969 recommendation that alcohol not be served on Kirk properties. There was a resolution from Mr. Sorenson to overturn the recommendation, but it was soundly defeated. For many, however, the resolution clarified that the Church of Scotland didn't ban alcohol on the Kirk premises, but merely advised against drinking on Kirk grounds. I like Mr. Sorenson's reasoning in the quote above and I think he's right on target. His reaction to the resolution's defeat was:

I showed that there was no law against drinking on church premises, it's simply a recommendation. Now I'm going to go and tell the members of my congregation the good news that if they want to have a tipple in the church it has been approved by the assembly.

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