Thursday, June 13, 2002

Below I quoted Rev. Randy Nabors from his address at the 1992 Church and Welfare Symposium. Nabors closed his address with a number of recommendations for addressing poverty by aiming at systemic solutions that would help to alleviate poverty and visit mercy on those suffering in it. Among his proposed recommendations, I found these particularly interesting (remember this is four years before the 1996 Welfare Reform Act):

* Radical policies for breaking up the "reservationing" of poor people.
* Voucher system for education.
* Uniforms for inner city school children.
* Enterprise zones.
* Welfare that has a death plan -- that is death to welfare.
* Churches make it a priority to get all of their members off of the welfare rolls.
* Encourage church members to protect their own capitalization by making sure they have an inheritance, ownership of property.

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