Monday, June 10, 2002

For the first time in nearly three months, I got up this morning and ran. On March 16th I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5 miler here in St. Louis, and tore my feet up. I felt great during the race, but I could barely walk for the next week and a half. I suspected that the problem was with my "cheapest pair of Shoe Carnival Nikes I could find" running shoes. So I visited the Running Center, a place that caters exclusively to runners. I wore my "race shoes" into the store and showed them to the salesperson explaining that I had seriously injured my feet and wondered if I needed a different pair of shoes.

You ran in these?!
How long have you had these?
Oh, about five years.
Have you used them exclusively for running?, I wear them all over the place, to the zoo, playing tennis, hiking...everywhere.

That conversation was mostly sufficient to diagnose the problem. I ended up with a $70 pair of Adidas (twice what I paid for my Shoe Carnival Nikes), but I think I'd have paid $170 to keep from tearing up my feet like I did in March.

Anyway, I ran two miles, and though I felt fine physically, the run was grueling mentally. Thirty seconds into the run I wanted to quit, and several times more over the next twenty minutes...but I hung in there. The pace wasn't brisk by any means (M1-9:25, M2-9:33), but was better than I expected. As always, pushing through the mental barriers and completing the run always beats having to walk home, defeated, having been conquered by whatever was ailing me.

I really don't like to run, but it's the cheapest and quickest form of exercise for me right now. I do it because it's good for me. And I have to admit it felt good to get over the hump and get back out there again.

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