Thursday, June 13, 2002

Here's a much needed perspective on formality vs. informality in worship. Doug Wilson writes:

Americans are a breezy lot; we like to go casual. Whether we are flipping burgers in the back yard or approaching the throne of the Almighty, we want to wear shorts and flipflops. The problem is nearly universal; the only thing that varies from church to church is the extent of the damage.

Wilson skewers errors on both sides of the fence:

Either we are right out there on the cutting edge with worship teams, a thumpin' band and all the rest of it, or we are content with our lazy afternoon orthodusty.

You ought to read the whole article, and here's one more quote to get you to go do so:

Like our word solemn, solempne represents the opposite of casual, but unlike solemn, it carries no connotations of austerity, moroseness, or gloom. We moderns have come to associate spontaneity with innocence and virtue, fresh and unsullied...But solempne is out of reach because we simply assume that formality is dead...Too often we act as though our differences over liturgy were simply differences over decoration, instead of differences over effective strategy in the midst of a fearful war.

Hopefully, like a good movie trailer, I've enticed you to go see for yourself the whole cotton pickin' thing without giving away the very best parts and leaving you with disappointing leftovers.

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