Monday, June 17, 2002

My six year old has started losing her baby teeth, and when she lost her first one, we told her that she might get a visit from the tooth fairy. She looked at us and rolled her eyes slightly, saying, "I know you guys are the tooth fairy, Mom & Dad." About thirty minutes later, in an unrelated conversation, my four year old, who had obviously been puzzling over the "Mom & Dad are the tooth fairy" thing, said, "Mommy how do you guys fly into our room? Do you have outifits with little wings?" My wife, who, as a mother of three youngins, had probably performed about 578 tasks since the previous tooth fairy conversation, had about a five second pause as she tried to make sense of the question, then burst into laughter and finally tried to regain composure to explain that Mommy & Daddy didn't actually dress up as tooth fairies and fly into their room at night, but that we simply walked in "in our jammies" and made the switch whiel they were sleeping.

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