Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Rev. Randy Nabors speaking at the 1992 Church and Welfare Symposium in an address entitled The Role of the Family, the Church & the State in Welfare, says the following about the criminal culture which thrives in poor inner-city neighborhoods like the one I work in:

A criminal culture subverts children from the values of their parents and endorses laziness, selfishness, exploitation, and hinders communities or families from being able to respond the needs of their own members.

Here we have what seems to be a circular problem. Poverty's often brought about in our country by teenage girls becoming pregnant out of marriage. Their children are most prone to be poor. When their children live in a context of an area of many fatherless children, their value system is disproportionately effected by the inadequate value system of their peer group. This in turn creates an environment of need -- emotional needs of instant gratification, the faddishness of adolescence, the rage of hormonal changes and sexual urges. A community made up of people with little impulse control helps to create a criminal environment.

Well put and tragically right on target.

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