Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Having been a former Youth "Pastor" I thought Mike Yaconelli's list of Ten Ways to Guarantee a Successful Youth Group was brilliant!! Yaconelli is often worth reading/listening to -- he's so darn unpredictable and quite entertaining too. Here's the first one to give you a flavor of his "wisdom":

Dumb Down the Gospel. Employ attractive phrases such as, "Since I’ve known Jesus I’m happier, getting better grades, and captain of the football team!" Even better, reduce the complexity of the gospel into group cheers (i.e., "Give me a J!") or simple worship choruses like, "God is so good...blah blah blah." (Try singing those words in Ethiopia.) Or even better, try out some hip slang (i.e., God is "phat"; Jesus is a "hottie").

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