Wednesday, July 17, 2002


Last year Seymour, Wisc cooked a world's record 8,266 lb hamburger

I'm definitely a hamburger man. I could eat hamburgers 3-4 nights a week and not get tired of them. Don't get me wrong...I like a good pork chop, I enjoy prime rib...but I'm often quite happy with a hamburger. On the way in to work I heard an NPR stories on the history of the hamburger. Not surprisingly, there's some debate over who served the first hamburger. The two men who seem to have the most legitimate claim are: Charles Nagreen from Seymour, Wisconsin, who claimed to "invent" the hamburger sandwich (ground beef was already around) at age 15 in 1885, then there's Louis Lassen of Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut who started serving them in 1900. You can still get a hamburger at Louis' Lunch, but you can only get it plain or with tomatoes, cheese, or onions. No lettuce, no ketchup, no mustard allowed on Louis' burgers.

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