Thursday, August 22, 2002

Concerned Women for America along with a couple of other organizations is releasing a Citizen Petition requesting the that the FDA withdraw RU-486, the "morning after pill" which induces the abortion of a fetus for up to around seven weeks after fertilization. Besides the fact that this is as reprehensible, if not more so than any other type of abortion, it appears that the folks at the FDA tripped all over themselves rushing to approve this drug. They dispensed with sound clinical trials, neglected to conduct any trials whatsoever on adolescents or study the effects of taking the drug on adolescents as opposed to adult women (not that we would desire trials, which would in turn abort more babies), and expedited the drug through the approval system, as is sometimes done, but only done (until now) for drugs that treat cancer, AIDS, or other life-threatening diseases. I heard a CWFA staff person interviewed on the radio about this, and was surprised at how many exceptions were made for this drug -- that I can only suppose were ideologically driven. The petition is 90 pages long, but you can find a five page Executive Summary (PDF) of the petition on the site, which is linked above.

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