Monday, August 26, 2002

I guess I missed this one...apparently a number of schools around the country are now banning peanut butter because of the severe allergic reaction that nut-allergic students can have if they eat anything with peanuts in it. This is beyond ridiculous. I know that kids who have this allergy can experience severe reactions, but that doesn't mean we need to ban peanut butter from schools, does it?! How do those with other allergies handle their allergies? What do asthmatics do -- carry inhalers. What do diabetics do -- avoid sugar and self-manage their insulin levels. We don't ban pollen, or exercise, or sugar, why should we ban peanut butter? If a child is allergic to peanut butter -- inform the school nurse of their condition and what symptoms might ensue if they accidentally do eat some peanuts. Then 1) have them not eat peanuts, and 2) if by chance do eat peanuts make sure that the school nurse has epinephrine on hand to take care of their allergic reaction. Is that rocket science?

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