Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As Barlow reported, I was a true computer geek on Saturday morning. No...more than that, I was an Apple fanatic. A new mall opened up here in St. Louis County on Friday (9/20) with an Apple store in it. Saturday morning my daughter had a soccer game very near the new mall so I thought we could drive over and take a peek at the Apple store. One problem, I forgot about how fanatical Mac people are. We arrived at about 9:10 a.m. and there was already a line of about 75 people (the store was not due to open until 10 a.m.). I found out that the first dozen or so people had been waiting since about 7:00 a.m. There are over 100 hundred stores in this new mall, and not one other store in the whole place had a line of people waiting to get in. I finally got in line at about the 100 mark. By the time the store opened, there were probably 200-250 people in line. The store would only accommodate about 80 people at a time, and when I came back by the store 2 hours later, there were still a handful of people waiting to get in.

The store was very nice, and dresses up and displays Apple's products like they should be, rather than having them stuck in the corner of the CompUSA with unattractive displays and scant Mac support staff. I didn't buy anything, but did walk out with several free T-shirts.

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