Thursday, September 05, 2002

A couple years ago my brother found a spot as a columnist (unpaid) on, when that site was following the weekly progress of then Purdue quarterback and Heisman hopeful, Drew Brees. Matt's column was called Critique of the Week, and was more of a review and critique of the game as a whole from the perspective of a Boilermaker fan, and not just an assessment of the performance of a Heisman candidate. My favorite column from that season was one entitled, I Cried. I reread, I Cried last night and almost laughed til I cried. You don't have to be a Purdue fan to enjoy the column, but if you've ever been a loyal follower of a team or a borderline fanatical fan, you'll understand. By the way, Dawn and Jason, you have no option -- you are required to read I Cried.

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