Thursday, September 26, 2002

Ever the optimistic Purdue fan, I was thinking about the Big Ten opener against Minnesota this weekend. It will be the fifth game of the season for sophomore QB Kyle Orton and the Boilermakers. The first time that I saw Drew Brees play in person was four years ago in Ross-Ade stadium against a then undefeated Minnesota team in the Big Ten opener with a Purdue team that was coming into their fifth game at 2-2. After watching Brees in possibly his best ever performance, I turned to a couple of buddies and said, "This guy may win the Heisman in two years." (He came in third in the voting his Senior Year). Here's what Brees did on October 3, 1998 - he went 31 for 36, throwing for 522 yards (Purdue record), with 6 TD's (Purdue record) and no interceptions, oh and one more thing...he didn't play in the fourth quarter!! Of course, Purdue won that day 56-21, which is what I hope will happen Saturday. Purdue is in the exact same spot as in 1998:

* Big Ten opener against an undefeated Minnesota team
* Boilermakers at 2-2
* Starting a Soph QB who has had flashes of brilliance, but hasn't put together the complete performance we've all been waiting for

Could we see the next great Purdue QB come into his own on Saturday? I certainly hope so.

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