Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I used to think I was a pretty big fan of the movie Hoosiers...then my brother pointed out this article from ESPN's Bill Simmons. When I read that Simmons had kept stats on Jimmy Chitwood's shooting throughout the whole movie (by the way, Chitwood was 26 of 29 heading into the final game where he scored at least 30 of Hickory's 42 points) I knew that this guy was in another league. Simmons claims to have viewed Hoosiers 250 times. I've seen it maybe 8 times. The article is a fun read if you're a fan of the movie. There is one unforgivable omission in Simmons' review, however -- he doesn't mention one of the best series of scenes in the movie, the 2 or 3 clips when the camera takes us into Shooter's (Dennis Hopper) hospital room to see him pacing the floor, braggin' on Hickory, and then finally, going bananas in his hospital gown when Hickory wins the state finals.

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