Wednesday, September 04, 2002

William Devlin pulls no punches. He is the Executive Director of the Urban Family Council and is basically a wild man. I mean that in the best way, of course.

An article about him in the Presbyterian News opens with this description of Devlin:

...Vietnam vet, a missionary to Japan, a nurse, a seminary-trained elder at a Presbyterian church, a pro-life Democrat who opposes the death penalty and favors gun control, a practitioner of radical hospitality who has himself been mugged, a leader in chastity and morality campaigns who eschews the Christian Coalition, the director of an inter-racial ministry to the inner city, a politician who is mounting an unorthodox campaign for a seat on the Philadelphia City Council, a victim of a broken home who pleads for fathers to take up their responsibilities, a man pilloried by homosexual magazines who has been invited by homosexual groups to share his message of traditional morality, an evangelical who makes common cause with Roman Catholics, Muslims and Jews...

If that doesn't convince you that he's not your average guy, go ahead and read the rest of the article.

That should have gotten your attention, so now go ahead and read the editorial that he wrote which appeared in the August 23rd issue of the Philadelphia Daily News. It's good stuff.

FEMINISTS: Missing in Action
by William Devlin.

A month ago the Chinese government, infamous for its "one-child policy," reported the largest gender disparity among newborns of any country in the world - parts of the country are reporting birth ratios of 144 boys for every 100 girls.

Parents who want to know the sex of their baby can visit a clinic and plunk down $4. If they already have one girl...and they discover their next child will also be a girl, they abort the female fetus 92% of the time.

So, where are the feminists speaking out against this social engineering? Scarcer than alligator fur. Steinhem, Freidan, Smeal, Paglia, and Michelman are AWOL for Chinese women, born and unborn. Silent now - and for the past 10 years.

China is staring down the double-barreled gun of their own birth dearth and the lack of women in their culture. But this is not a new phenomenon. For the current census to report the numbers we're seeing, they've been on this death march since the cultural revolution of Chairman Mao.

What about the testimony that women in China are routinely treated like animals by family planning cadres, called "beasts" and "dogs" and forcibly sterilized? Outcry - none.

China's latest national population law, effective September 1, calls for "unremitting efforts" for "upholding the one-child policy," and proclaims that "The state shall employ a series of varied measures" - meaning forced abortion - "to place population under control." The BBC reports that China is expanding the range of its control to forcibly abort babies whose fathers are Taiwanese citizens.

Aren't feminists the standard bearers for the rights of women, wherever? Or are only born women the recipients of their grace? For more than 30 years, Chinese governmental policy has been officially discriminating against women.

The current feminist agenda is too, forgive me, wedded to abortion to speak against this anti-female atrocity.

Other Asian countries, like Singapore, Japan and Korea, have also experienced the demise of females. However, over the last five years, they've turned the corner and their countries have returned to sanity. Now, not later, is the time for feminists to come forth and speak the truth.

You tell 'em William!!

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