Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Roberto Rivera has posted a new article at Breakpoint on homosexuality. He laments the triumph of the therapeutic in our culture as well as the presumption that we all deserve sexual fulfillment no matter what...period:

First of all, intimacy and genital relations are so linked in the contemporary mind that it almost impossible to imagine intimacy and closeness without sex, at least when dealing with a person to whom you could potentially be attracted. Perversely, we can imagine having sex with a person without even liking them.

Additionally he chides the church for her failures, saying:

In addition, we have almost systematically undercut our best public arguments against homosexuality. For instance, we agree with people like Bill Bennett that legitimizing same-sex unions threatens an already fragile institution, heterosexual marriage. Yet we tolerate a practice within our own midst far more injurious to the institution: divorce.

As usual an insightful and well written article from Rivera.

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