Thursday, November 14, 2002

Tonight during family devotions at the dinner table we were continuing what we had been reading last night in Acts 9 about Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus. I was reading to the kids from a Children's NIV which has illustrations of some of the major events in the Bible. The picture of Saul's Damascus road experience has a picture of Saul sitting on the ground, stupefied, sitting next to a donkey, and looking up at the bright light that is streaming into the picture from the upper lefthand corner.

So I'm holding up the picture and asking some review questions to see if they remembered anything from last night. What is this man's name? Why did he fall of his donkey? Who was talking to Saul? etc. Finally I said, What did Jesus say to Saul? -- the corrrect answer, of course, is Saul, why are you persecuting me? My not quite three year old son enthusiastically raised his hand, just brimming with confidence.

Me: OK, buddy what did Jesus say to Saul?
Him: You fell off your donkey.

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