Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I am a cheapskate...a determined cheapskate. Today after work I was planning on using a coupon that I had which offered a free car wash with a gasoline purchase. The only catch was that I had to purchase a minimum of 8 gallons in order to get the free wash. As I was driving home I could see by the gas gauge that I was going to have a tough time putting 8 gallons in the tank. I figured if the automatic shut off occurred after 6 gallons I could get another 2 gallons in the tank. So I waited and watched only to see the pump shut off at 5.02 gallons. I figured there was no way, but I gave it a shot anyway...and I did it!! Three gallons after the auto-shut off!

I got my coupon redeemed inside drove around to the car wash and punched in my coupon code to find that I was going to be able to get an $8 Super Wash!! The car looks great -- my cheapskate perseverance paid off.

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