Thursday, December 19, 2002

It doesn't surprise me when ideology drives policies and programs even when the ideologies that drive those policies and programs are shown to be detrimental to the cause. Nevertheless, this informational FAX from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute is the kind of thing that really drives me nuts. The FAX lays out the data on the incredible success of AIDS prevention and containment in Uganda due to an emphasis on sexual abstinence ouside of marriage and monogamous fidelity within marriage.

A couple of examples:

According to a US Agency for International Development (USAID) study of Uganda, “HIV prevalence peaked at around 15 percent in 1991, and had fallen to 5 percent as of 2001.This dramatic decline in prevalence is unique worldwide…” USAID believes “The most important determinant of the reduction in HIV incidence in Uganda appears to be a decrease in multiple sexual partnerships and networks."

In comparison to other African nations, “Ugandan males in 1995 were less likely to have ever had sex…, more likely to be married and keep sex within the marriage, and less likely to have multiple partners.” USAID concludes that “the effect of HIV prevention in Uganda (particularly partner reduction) during the past decade appears to have had a similar impact as a potential medical vaccine of 80 percent efficacy….A comprehensive behavior change-based strategy…may be the most effective prevention approach.”

So in the face of the rampant spread of AIDS throughout other African nations and the incredible success in Uganda, AIDS activists are eager to embrace effective Ugandan strategies which have emphasized abstinence before marriage & monogamy in it, right? WRONG!!

Why, you ask. Simple...condoms don't have a place (or at least not a significant enough place) in the Ugandan strategy. Obeisance must be rendered to the almighty condom -- even if means more people will be infected and die. This is the kind of thing that calls forth righteous indignation.

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