Wednesday, May 28, 2003

George Grant posted some logomorphs on his blog. My favorite of which is:

HOMEPHOBIA (home-uh-foe-bee-uh) n. 1. An irrational fear of all things domestic. 2. A prejudicial bias against intact families and their ordinary lives. 3. The only practical way to get ahead in this world.

Of course, this phobia can be found nearly anywhere you turn -- especially at the office. On the other hand, I'll coin a logomorph of my that is quite appropriate for the Mary Pride crowd:

HOMEPHILIAC (home-uh-feel-ee-ak) n. 1. One who REALLY loves all things domestic, especially when accompanied by a strong fear and suspicion of all things that are not domestic. 2. One who enjoys both looking like and living like a character right out of Little House on the Prairie. In extreme cases, the degree to which one embraces homephilia comes to be the measure and criterion for judging the depth and maturity of others' Christian faith.

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