Monday, October 20, 2003

I've been meaning to post several different items over the last week or two, but everytime I sit down to post, I realize I don't have time to waste blogging ;-)

What's got me blogging again? Purdue Football!!

Big shock, huh? The Boilermakers have (chiasm/palindrome alert) now won 6 straight games after dropping their opener to a very good Bowling Green team (also currently 6-1 and ranked #23 in the AP poll). Purdue should have won that opener and if they had they would possibly be flirting with the top spot in the country!

As it is they are ranked #10 in both the AP poll and the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll. Purdue was ranked 9th in November 2000, but before that you had to go back to 1979 to find the Boilers in the top 10. week Purdue travels to Ann Arbor where Purdue hasn't beaten Michigan since...gulp...1966! Yes that's 37 years if you're playing along at home. I'm not that concerned about rankings, and I know the likelihood of them winning Saturday is not great, but if they do win, they'll surely move up further into the top 10 and I'll surely be talkin' some serious trash!

The win against Wisconsin this week was great, but there's no time to celebrate--after traveling to Michigan we've got consecutive home dates against Northwestern & Iowa, and then onto the friendly confines of Ohio Stadium to play the Buckeyes, before closing out at IU (rivalry games are never "gimmes").

Go Boilers!!

P.S. Men's College Basketball season begins in less than a month!

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