Thursday, October 23, 2003

Updated my blog roll--adding several, trying to update some new web addresses. I feel like I left someone out that I've been meaning to add.

Anyway, of newly added blogs, make sure to visit Cory Kloth's new and improved blog complete with a host of pictures, an mp3, and a free book written by Cory himself available in either director's cut or "create-your-own-heresy-by-addition-or-subtraction" version.

Content & Context looks as if it could be promising...and I've thus far enjoyed skimming 40 bicycles and Sacramental-blog.

In case you didn't notice, bloggers who are back from the dead include: Sarah (changed blog name, but not URL), Russ, but not Duane. Duane's not blogging, he's emoting.

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