Friday, November 14, 2003

Professor Anthony Esolen gives us a valuable and interesting read on boys, sports, and the church called What Sports Illustrate over at Touchstone. Esolen is an English professor at Providence College in Rhode Island and offers a defense of manliness, a defense of football (Woo-Hoo!), and a call to the church to be faithful in restricting the office of pastor to men. Here's an excerpt:

If it is said that women are more spiritual than men because more of them are to be found in churchly places, I’m not buying. I’ll take the sacramentality of football over the spirituality of uplifting chatter any day. A true man, and there are many still, struggling to be both true and man, would sooner have his right arm wither than change his loyalty to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yet he leaves the Church. Why? Sin, of course; but in fact the Pittsburgh Steelers present themselves as more worthy of his loyalty than does a church that demands nothing. Of course, he is wrong. But they are more wrong who have made it so easy for him to go wrong.

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