Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Now, I know George W isn't the messiah. And I don't believe the "urban legends" that make their way across the web every few months about Bush sharing the gospel with a little boy in the middle of a big event at the White House.

But there is a charming little story linked on Chuck Colson's website that comes not from "my cousin's neighbor's son...who was there and saw it", but rather firsthand from a reliable source and was apparently well after the flashbulbs had disappeared and the photo op was over. Here's Colson's recounting of this great moment:

Just before the president left, I introduced him to Al Lawrence, a member of our staff. I told the president that I had met Al more than twenty years ago in a prison. Jesus had got hold of Al’s life, and he’s been working for us ever since. Then I told the president that Al’s son was now a freshman at Yale. At that point the president stopped, exclaimed, “We’re both Yale parents,” and threw his arms around Al Lawrence—an African-American ex-offender being embraced by the president of the United States in a church basement. The ground is indeed level at the foot of the cross.

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