Monday, March 29, 2004

This morning I saw a report about, Dan Leach, a Texas man who murdered his girlfriend and then staged it to look like a suicide (the report I saw claimed that he learned how to do this by watching CSI). The coroner ruled the death a suicide and he apparently was going to get away with his crime.

However, after seeing The Passion of the Christ, and a discussion with a friend, as well as a visit to church, (I read that in another article), he drove himself to the sherriff's office and confessed.

Leach apparently killed his girlfriend because she was pregnant, but the autopsy revealed that she was not.

When googling to find a link for the story I found several other stories which suggest that Gibson's Passion of the Christ has apparently been an instrument that has led to other confessions. Two that are being reported are a Neo-Nazi who confessed to two fire-bombings and a man in Arizona who confessed to half a dozen burglaries after seeing the movie.

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